Costumer services video evidence

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  1. Val says:

    If your behaviour was threatening, why didn’t the other receptionist look your way? Customers to the side and behind didn’t look frighten

    • Good of you to notice Val. As well as the other unconcerned Customer Services receptionist who does not look my way, the complete video shows 11 people walking back and forth during my alleged intimidation of the Customer Services complainant. Only person #6 looks in my direction for a few seconds, and close examination shows she is looking above my head presumably at the day/date/time clock that was on the wall just above where I stood.
      The actual Customer Services complaint that was withheld from me until after the damning Code of Conduct Report was completed so I could not defend myself makes numerous accusations:
      1 – “Lee Vandervis came in to reception regarding a parking infringement he was not happy about receiving” Untrue – I came in to report faulty DCC meter and showed her a photo I had taken of the meter signage and the meter ID number so it could be easily identified and fixed.
      2 – “His manner during this exchange was aggressive, and his voice was raised the whole time.” – the video shows 11 unconcerned passers-by suggesting otherwise.
      3 – “He was leaning over the counter trying to intimidate me and waving his finger at me”. The video shows that I only leaned toward her to show her the small ID number of the parking meter on my cellphone photograph. My hand/finger emphasized that it was my job to give details of the faulty parking meter and her job to take down those details to get it fixed.
      4 – “We had a customer at the time who was made to feel very uncomfortable”. The video suggests otherwise.
      5 – “he stormed off saying he would see me in court”. Untrue. The video shows me calmly paying a different $40 parking fine and then walking away normally.

      • Reina says:

        How has the court interpreted what happened within the video coverage? What differs? Did they conveniently lose the audio?

      • Video evidence was unfortunately not able to be presented at the High Court as it was only the misuse of Code of Conduct process that was able to be Judicially Reviewed. I did try to get it presented as evidence. We were also unable to get ex-CEO Bidrose to be cross-examined because she had not given evidence.
        The mysterious absence of audio has been explained by the DCC as being because it was an old type of monitoring technology. I have my doubts as the DCC also falsely claimed that the DCC video could not be used publicly because it was confidential, causing me to be unable to use it in my social media defense for some time in the run up to the 2019 Mayoral election.

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