Mainstream Media have sunk to new lows. Look at some of the reporters feeding you the ‘news’.

TROLLs are what is wrong with social media, keyboard activists who delight in smearing, lying about, and misrepresenting people that aren’t extreme leftie or woke like they are.
Oscar Francis is special kind of keyboard activist still employed as a ‘reporter’ by the ODT despite me informing them of his bias, public baiting, smearing and misrepresenting as his public page below proves.
Stuff have a similar ‘reporter’, on record as blatantly lying called Hamish McNeilly. Amongst other lies, McNeilly’s Stuff story claimed the DCC had taken me to court, when he had sat through the entire proceedings of me taking the DCC to court.
Look out for Francis or McNeilly ‘reports’ right up to the October election. The ODT and Stuff plainly don’t care a jot for the Truth.

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