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Dunedin North today

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7 months of frustrated information requests regarding DCC lines company Aurora issues finally now to be independently investigated. :-)

From: Lee Vandervis <> Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2019 at 8:29 PM To: Sue Bidrose <>, Dave Tombs <>, Aaron Hawkins <> Cc: Dave Tombs <>, Sandy Graham <>, “Keith Cooper (” <>, Jemma Adamson <>, “Council 2016-2019 (Elected Members)” … Continue reading

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Limes in France – BBC= what we should do

NZTA’s extraordinary decision to reclassify Limes as not a motor vehicle when they are a vehicle with a motor defied explanation. They should have been classified as mo-ped and not allowed on footpaths, as they were prior to Lime’s request … Continue reading

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Deputy Position offered by Mayor Hawkins -yeah right!

A DCC Deputy Chair position is a Councillor novice opportunity to sit in the Chair’s position in the unlikely event of the Chair being unavailable. It carries no responsibility or opportunity to contribute in any meaningful way. Deputy Chair is … Continue reading

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My new Position

To honour all those Dunedin citizens who have given me almost twice the votes of any other Councillor, I resolve to bring them regular website updates on what I see really happening at the DCC without misrepresentation or suppression by … Continue reading


Mayor Hawkins

The Mayoralty is the position that can influence so many local Government issues and processes. What will Mayor Hawkins change? Mayor Hawkins asked me what I would have done as Mayor in a wide-ranging and pleasant discussion. One of my … Continue reading

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Radio One Duel – listen here

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