Election only 6 months away in October

I intend to make myself available for election again for both Council and for Mayor in the hope of being able to affect a positive DCC course-correction that will bring back Democracy instead of party political agendas that threaten the loss of our One-Way traffic system, loss of Dunedin control of our 3 Waters, worsening DCC group debt rocketing up beyond 1.2 BILLION$, and loss of public say on major issues such as turning George st into another cycleway.

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4 Responses to Election only 6 months away in October

  1. Jenny Gowling says:

    Fantastic !👍🤗 we need you Lee … the voice if commonsense !! This bunch of muppets are destroying the city with their anti-carpark nonsense!!! How many other rural people drive into town and straight out again because they can’t find a park??? I know several!!!

  2. Pb says:

    Good luck.

    Bring back Dunedins manufacturing heritage. Ease the regulatory nightmare, and encourage a rebirth of industrial manufacturing. Tools, cars, e-cars, tech, machines, ships, forges. Forget about chocolate.

    Ignore the MSM. They sold out a century ago.

    Speak truth.

  3. Jim van Eunen says:

    I was just looking through the list of candidates and didn’t see your name. Have you pulled out ?

    • Nominations don’t close till the 16th next week Jim. There were some 3 Waters developments I wanted to refer to in my 150 word profile, which is why I waited until today to put in my nomination paperwork. All done now :<)

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