Ain’t Misbehaving – just trying to protect Dunedin Citizens’ assets.

Showing more respect to MP Mahuta is not something I intend to do, since she has lost my respect over her 3 waters asset grab, first by promising Councils they could opt-in or opt-out, and when 60 of 67 opted out, forcing the takeover on us anyway, And secondly because she has misled NZ regarding the safety of Council treated drinking water, And thirdly because she has indulged Nepotism with her family members, including appointing her sister as Co-Chair of the Maori Advisory Group to 3 Waters.

The unreported point of my criticism of Mahuta and her Council apologists, was yesterday’s bizarre Annual Plan proposal to dramatically accelerate our 3 Waters Infrastructure spending by $51 million over the next 3 years, when control of our $3 BILLION asset is being taken from us for a $46 million inducement plus an unconfirmed proportion of the 3 waters $120 million book debt.

Ownership is defined as ‘having control over an asset’, and Mahuta is taking that from us for 0.05% of its value.

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2 Responses to Ain’t Misbehaving – just trying to protect Dunedin Citizens’ assets.

  1. Dave says:

    Lee Sick of the ODT slinging mud at you and not allowing the right of reply on there Facebook page or publishing comments on the article. It is just controlling people, siding with Hawkins agenda. And an attempt to again discredit you. It is time the people of Dunedin wake up and start to understand such people as Hawkins and his little click of councillors are just using Dunedin to further the self’s

  2. pb says:

    The independent media have started to lift the scab of Mahuta’s corruption too. Maori corruption. There, not hard to say. The dinosaur media are bought out, frightened and useless. The fourth estate, are a fourth column, obfuscating that our democracy has become a full blown oligarchy, in which the media consider themselves part of the ruling oligarchic elite.

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