Submissions closed yesterday!

Who knew that our Government is pushing through laws to allow forced:

– detention, to be isolated or quarantined in any specified place or in any specified way

– examination, to report for and undergo a medical examination or testing of any kind, and at any place or time specified and in any specified way or specified circumstances.

– to refrain from carrying out specified activities (for example, business activities involving close personal contact) or carry out specified activities only in any specified way or in compliance with specified measures…

Who knew that the latest chance to make a submission was yesterday before noon!?

My submission:

I violently object to the proposed Covid-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No2), especially the impositions and limits on freedoms in section 11.

I believe that the Bill contravenes many NZ legal provisions including some in the Bill of Rights Act 1990, and that it abuses the fundamental requirements of Natural Justice, all without due cause, especially when so many countries around the world are returning to a new normal without such draconian legislation.

I recommend that our government finally accepts that it was never possible to “eliminate” or “stop” Covid, that instead of wasting millions of our taxes on draconian delaying lockdowns and advertising, it spends on increasing Hospital care facilities that have long been underfunded.

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2 Responses to Submissions closed yesterday!

  1. Pb says:

    The guilty flee when none pursue.

    A criminal government can not exist. If our politicians were involved in harming its subjects many people would simply go mad.

    It was a movie, the girl with a dragon tattoo?. The psychopathic murderer explained that most people would rather be murdered than break a social taboo and stick their head above the parapet. Even when they realised they were about to be slaughtered they kept up the ruse and went meekly into the stainless steel room.

    Woah. That’s a bit much. Perhaps it’s all a dream, and a brave hero will gallop out of the past and stop the wicked Queen.

  2. stoppernz says:

    Well now they’re trying to force 3 waters through anyway, proving we have just an illusion of democracy. Reminds me of Europe , if a country has a referendum and votes wrong , then have the referendum again till they vote right.

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