ODT = Otago Denied Truth #3

ODT still refuses to report on the FIRST EVER DCC UNBALANCED ANNUAL PLAN BUDGET, and the exceptional circumstances claimed for the extra borrowings.
Note – my mistake. The words ‘unbalanced budget’ do appear in an ODT article text that I had missed seeing, but a report on this unprecedented decision has still not appeared.

From: Lee Vandervis <lee@vandervision.co.nz>
Date: Wednesday, 15 July 2020 at 5:35 PM
To: Hamish MacLean <hamish.maclean@alliedpress.co.nz>
Cc: Grant McKenzie <grant@alliedpress.co.nz>, “Nicholas. Smith” <nicholas.smith@xtra.co.nz>, EditorODT <editor@odt.co.nz>
Subject: Public interest

Dear Hamish,


I also find it incredible that your monopoly print media seem not to have reported the first ever DCC UNBALANCED BUDGET and much of what that involves including borrowing $7.5 million to pay for  ever increasing operational costs. Or have I missed a major article on this?  

You have real stories here, with factual documentation, yet these stories are only available on social media.

I look forward to some indication that further supply of information to you will be treated in the Public Interest.

Cr. Lee Vandervis

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