ODT = Otago Denied Truth #2

Today’s ODT ‘Firebrand Councillor’ article falsely claims that I accepted my loudness crossed the line. “Even Cr. Vandervis accepted his loudness crossed the line”. Not true – I never accepted crossing any line. It was falsely accusing Councillors that crossed many lines, I was merely loud when falsely accused of ‘just having a go’.
The article also claims that in my defence to Councillors I “used up my time flinging insults”. Again not true. My response transcript below shows that I rejected an incompetent report, false accusations, insults and sexist accusations, and that I did not fling insults.
The ODT claims the investigator “believed witnesses did not exaggerate the severity of the incident”, yet the investigator’s report notes elsewhere that Cr. Radich [and the ODT reporter who were less than 10 metres away] “noticed nothing” of the claimed ‘screaming and yelling’.


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