so they intend to build our Hospital with this pre-election confirmation, but the detailed business case is further delayed, even the concept design remains unfinished and it does not get sign off until February next year.

The unsuitability of the site’s poor ground conditions has confirmed that due diligence was not done prior to site purchase, and now will involve extraordinary extra foundation costs, and the anticipation of site flooding will force further extra costs with having to raise the height of lower facilities.

“the ground floors of the hospital buildings would need to be much higher so they would remain operational in case of flooding.”

The problem of the new building lacking functional integration by being split across St Andrew st because of cost has been ‘solved’ by claiming that a stronger separation of services with connecting bridges is a positive.

Still no published plan for parking, but acknowledgement that Pete Hodgson’s suggestion of an underground car-park is not possible because of ‘unsuitable ground conditions…

This incompetent site selection was anticipated back in April 2017

Hospital business case gets sign-off

Dunedin’s new hospital is a step closer, with Cabinet signing off in principle on the development’s detailed business case. However, Health…

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