Insights into DCC management ex Richard Healey today on FB

Richard Healey There are many people here who seem to believe the maxim “no smoke without fire”. I suggest they follow the link below and view staff comments on the culture of the organisation presided over by Bidrose – the maker of the list of “complaints” against Lee Vandervis.

Its not pretty reading, here is a small selection from among the many comments made by staff at DCC about their managers and their toxic workplace – managers and a workplace that Bidrose is responsible for.

“A job that would be good if it weren’t for the petty management. Bullying and harassment, lazy coworkers and pathetic management. The DCC is known for all of this but the higher ups don’t care, they are content with the cesspool of a work environment they have created and encourage.”

” The DCC is a place where some managers are able to yell and swear at staff, and bully people. Some of the managers are never there. When you try and raise a concern you just get told your concern isn’t relevant. I am trying to find a new job now because it’s so horrible coming to work each day.”

” If you want to be bullied, DCC is the place to go
Administration (Current Employee) – Dunedin New Zealand – 2 October 2018
If you want to be the bully, DCC is also the place to go as noone will stop you. They do have a whistle blower policy, but who is brave enough to use it.
Inappropriate behaviour from the top down”

“The negatives outweigh the positives I’m afraid. The leadership is dysfunctional. Some of the senior managers threaten and intimidate to get their way. Unprofessional leaders.”

“There is so much bullying and a lot of it starts with the managers and senior leaders. There is a lack of transparency and recruitment to positions is on a ‘who you know’ basis. Depending on who you are, there might not even be a recruitment process!! I have witnessed bullying from very senior people but people are too scared to say anything and if they do they ‘disappear’.”

Bureaucratic intransigent unprofessional full of gossip and lack of respect
Manager (Former Employee) – Dunedin, Otago – 16 July 2017
Chaotic and unsupported
Learned not to trust anyone in organisation.
Top down micro management, poor leadership skills
Lazy employees, supported non performers and didn’t support leaders and innovators. Not interested in new work methods.…

Working at Dunedin City Council: Employee Reviews |

Working at Dunedin City Council: Employee Reviews |

Working at Dunedin City Council: Employee Reviews |

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