Disability Politicking.

I accepted Mayor Radich’s suggested extra role of Chair of the Disabilities Group because of my 18 years experience as the father of a severely disabled autistic son and being part of the disabled support organisations community.

This seems not to be enough for disabled Mr Ford, who played politics in the 2016 Mayoral election including denying the fact that a severe speech disability limits a speaking role such as a City Councillor.

“Mr Ford said the assembly would ask the council to ensure the chair or co-chair of the group was a disabled person.”

The Perry/Timmings claim that I said ‘Perry should not run for Council because of his speech disability’ was a 2016 election campaign falsehood that the ODT repeated again today.


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2 Responses to Disability Politicking.

  1. John Shanks says:

    Hi Lee how can the ORC come up with a cost of = 250,000 dollars to obtain a resource consent to replace some posts on the beach, and that it could take year to sort,? Also told a lie that the old ones were all gone.Are to many egos out there, all these red paper is kill any process on this country. Regards John

    • This small bananas compared to other ORC waste – e.g. $10 million wasted trying to find new office site for themselves.
      I have long pushed for Unitary Council for the greater Dunedin area, but too much vested interest has stymied this obvious solution.

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