From today’s Economist magazine:

The world of long-predicted rapidly rising interest rates and inflation is upon us… Opportunities to reduce Dunedin City Council vulnerability are still available. – my personal view.

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2 Responses to From today’s Economist magazine:

  1. Richard Seager says:

    How do you suggest doing that Lee? (and won’t the central government going to the moneyprinters when they inevitably run out again quickly push the DCC to the wall?)

    Maybe Ardern & co are planning on selling 3/5 Waters to the highest bidder?

    • Hi Richard, Achieving a sustainable DCC economy in my view requires a significant reduction in DCC spending and staff costs, deferring of projects, plus a significant increase in income from our Council Controlled Companies being required to provide a consistent and commercial return on the hundreds of millions we have invested in Aurora, Delta and City Forests. For more detail see my blog and FaceBook posts entitled ‘7 Years’ which highlight the lack of Dividends from our CCOs since 2015 and suggested solutions.

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