A well-timed ODT smear,

who have long refused to print my revealing DCC Debt graph.

Rival Mayoral Candidate Mandy Mahem asked “if Cr. Vandervis was picking on a little old lady?” The answer is that I simply told this seated serial interrupter in the crowded room at the end of the meeting that if she continued to troll and interrupt my campaign speeches as she did twice that night and again in a previous campaign meeting, I would public out her continuous trolling.’ Her rude and interrupting behaviour and pushing my DCC Group Debt graph signage to the floor warranted this response after the meeting ended in my view.

I note that “almost spitting” actually means not spitting at all, and that “in her face” is not possible when she was siting and I was standing…


The Debt graph that our local monopoly print media have long refused to print.

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