Who do I think would be a good candidate?

I am getting thIs request regularly now, so below is the list of those I have met and been impressed by:

Jules Radich is still my favourite Councillor [despite going soft on stopping 3 Waters Government/Iwi confiscation], also Jim O’Malley, Sophie Barker, Andrew Whiley, Carmen Houlahan, and newbies Cherry Lukas, Lynette Scott, Cheryl Neil, Brent Weatherall and Kevin Gilbert.

For ORC: Michael Laws, – the others seem ineffectual or invisible to me.

I have seen too little of Community Board candidates to be able to suggest them with confidence – hopefully you will know them better in your local areas.

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1 Response to Who do I think would be a good candidate?

  1. A.J Walker says:

    Well Lee, you get a BIG thumbs up from me. I’m so sick of all the PCBS that goes on these days. Regds, AJ.


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