Dunedin Council push Pause when we should push Stop!

Dunedin Council legal staff today confirmed that the proposed 3 Waters “protection mechanisms to prevent privatisation are insufficient as they could be repealed or amended by a simple majority in Parliament”, meaning that our $3 BILLION ratepaid investment over the last 150 years is being taken for >0.05% of its value by central government 3 Waters legislation for its own agendas and possible on-sale or use as collateral for more massive government borrowing.

MP Mahuta and Ngai Tahu spokesperson Huria have falsely claimed that ‘Councils will still own the 3 Waters assets’ and that the new centralised entities and Iwi will just control them.

As I said then and is now proven, ‘having control over an asset’ means ownership and possible resale.

If this 3 Waters reform proceeds, as our DCC leaders assume is inevitable, it may become the biggest public theft in NZ history.

Today Council voted for a Pause to buy time, when they should have voted to Stop 3 Waters.

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