Need to leave one ways alone and undo changes

The ODT have printed my letter to the editor in full!

Dear Editor,

We need to keep the One-Way system as one way obviously, as NZTA/Waka Kotahi have explained, but to suggest that our One-Way works perfectly well as Cr. Whiley claims is being too kind. We lost hundreds of carparks, and half a million$ in annual parking revenue to the ugly train of concrete space-wasters and an underused cycleway that should have been routed thought the Gardens, the Campus and Leith st, rather than dangerously mixing cyclists with heavy traffic and inconsistent stop-light turning options. 
To be perfect we need to reverse these changes and reinstate our lost parking or add a third One-Way lane to allow uncongested arterial traffic flow for our growing vehicle numbers. 
My previously published solution for new Hospital access given its unfortunate site is a multi-story car-park over the Countdown carpark with safe overbridge pedestrian and ambulance access above the One Way.

Kind regards,

Cr. Lee Vandervis

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3 Responses to Need to leave one ways alone and undo changes

  1. Jenny Gowling says:

    I absolutely agree!! As will thousands of Dunedinites who remember why the one way was constructed in the first place!! The big boy route out/in to Dunedin should be for traffic only … as any sane person would agree!!!
    Please make sure you are going to be our next mayor …. Run the biggest campaign you can … Dunedin needs to be rescued from the current muppets ??

  2. Brent says:

    I Agree with Jenny, this nonsense has to stop. We need to get in behind Lee now and start getting the jump on the Mayoral Elections it’s time to shut these muppets down – Say “Gidday Mate” to Phil.

  3. pb says:

    I would hate to hit those concrete things on falling from my bike. Pretty sure if your head went near them, you’d be dead, fancy polystyrene helmet or not.

    It felt like the bike on State Highway 1 was only ever about getting Highway funding, not any practical reason. That cycle track is a death trap. I took my kids over it once and couldn’t get them off quick enough: bad parent moment.

    I don’t think Aaron gets many votes out of cycle tracks. It’d be a liability if anything. Combine with his dotty George St brainwave. Ha.

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