Local Democracy vs central government/Iwi control.

We have lost Local Democracy and look like having control of our multi-billion$ 3 Waters Infrastructure taken from us as well.

MP Mahuta’s promise of us having the ability to opt out of her 3 Waters asset grab was shamelessly broken after 60 of 67 Councils wanted to opt out.

Our Mayor, Labour and Communist Councillors who believe that ‘Democracy has never served minority groups’ have today succeeded in strengthening control over us by the central government party machinery that got them elected. This narrow revocation of our previous decision to join the majority of South Island Councils already in ‘Communities 4 Local Democracy’ is a sad turning point for Dunedin.


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2 Responses to Local Democracy vs central government/Iwi control.

  1. stoppernz says:

    How can such a momentous decision be so casually voted on?? Surely something like this should go to a referendum. This council has no mandate to make this decision because last election no one knew about this.

  2. pb says:

    Central government lovers understand themselves. They know they are untrustworthy. They know they are ungovernable. They know that they are guilty. The big government types, the self-annointed, know they need tyrannical government to rule their unruly degenerate lives.

    We should not give up local control without a fight. Central control freaks are frightened of themselves and their fellows. Nothing should be done by a large, faceless entity, when a small local one would suffice.

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