Dunedin the only one of southern councils insisting on vaccination passports. ODT headline 2/12/2021

I am not irate about being excluded from Council buildings as falsely claimed in today’s ODT, but I am deeply saddened. I am saddened for exclusion of ratepayers and especially the misery and strain being caused for DCC employees who are being forced out of their jobs, in the name of ‘protecting staff’.
I have been counseling several employees yesterday, people with families and mortgages who are faced with forced vaccination if they want to be able to continue supporting their families and continue their careers.
Without even a debate, report or a Council vote, our DCC bureaucrats have decided to wreck the unvaccinated lives of people who have good reason to believe that the new vaccine is not safe or effective in preventing disease transmission. Our Democracy has become an ugly Bureaucracy.

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2 Responses to Dunedin the only one of southern councils insisting on vaccination passports. ODT headline 2/12/2021

  1. Margaret says:

    Democracy you say? Haha, that’s a thing of the past I’m afraid.

  2. stoppernz says:

    What frustrates me is the public has been lead along with false information to think a certain way. For instance we’ve been lead to believe that if you’re vaccinated you won’t spread the virus, which is false.
    When I point this out to people they switch arguments, they say getting vaccinated to supposed to reduce the burden on hospitals, but if that’s the case then why don’t we make flu shots mandatory as people sick with the flu clog hospitals up too…or ban rugby and other dangerous sports that also result in people being injured who then take hospital beds. The flu is more dangerous to kiddies than saracov2 but we never did a single thing to protect kiddies from the flu before sarscov2 came along, we lived with it. And I thought that we’re supposed to have informed consent when undergoing a medical procedure , but we’re being coerced into getting it which is illegal….informed consent means informing people of all available treatments and letting them choose, but the government made sure alternatives aren’t available like the ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine treatment .

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