DCC Debt ceiling to be RAISED AGAIN over a Billion$ by another $200 million

What has Dunedin got to show for its ballooning debt, other than ballooning rates increases always many times the rate of inflation?
Ballooning DCC staff numbers? and what else?


We should promote local businesses, stop the ludicrous spending, stop the $60 million George st/Exchange ‘surface treatments’ which is code for turning the City Centre into another cycleway, stop the $10 million park and ride experiment and the other $10 million for ‘way-finding’ carparks instead of making them, stop colouring our roads, reverse the recent massive increase in DCC staff numbers, and then there are another 100+ ways to save money as below:

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3 Responses to DCC Debt ceiling to be RAISED AGAIN over a Billion$ by another $200 million

  1. Jenny Gowling says:

    Sooo true … and I think Dunedin people are sick of it … coloured roads, feet, cycleways etc. but feel powerless!!!! To have only one road (and now cluttered with lights, lanes etc) to the way north out of the city will be a disaster!! What on earth inspired such nonsense!! And how to undo it all? I fear even if you become mayor (my vote!!!) you may not have the power to change it! Loved your Gardens speech …

  2. Pb says:

    When the eye watering inflation kicks in, ensure those politicians responsible for aye-ing the debt, be called to account.

    Highest inflation for 10 years. This is going to have everyone in Dunners walking and hitching a ride.


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