Showing ‘support and solidarity’ by using public funds to fly politicised flags just advertises and reinforces divisions in my view.
That is why opposing armies fly different flags as they go into battle, to reinforce slight cultural differences rather than recognising our far greater human sameness.

Other Councillors were too Politically Correct to vote against joining the LGBTQI queue. $40,000 for George st red/blue dots now to be followed by similar waste with more roadway painting following Wellington’s artless lead.


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  1. Dave says:

    I’m all for people being who they are and not hiding or feeling ashamed who they are. Be who you are and want to be, but getting sick of such groups expecting others to roll over. What about the genuine kiwi person who is just themselves doesn’t expect much don’t tell me the normal zebra crossing are for them, wake up Dunedin the town isn’t flush with cash let this group and others partly fund the crossing and maintain it and not by putting up a page for donations on line let them run raffles and work for such things

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