DCC Annual Plan promises Increased Rates, Debt, & Staff-costs again [far in excess of inflation] when the Tax-Payer’s Union has 102 Ways Councils can save money…

The DCC has done just some of 2 of the 102 ways…


From: Lee Vandervis <lee@vandervision.co.nz>
Date: Thursday, 28 May 2020 at 10:40 AM
To: “Council 2019-2022 (Elected Members)” <council.2019-2022@dcc.govt.nz>
Cc: Sue Bidrose <Sue.Bidrose@dcc.govt.nz>, Sandy Graham <Sandy.Graham@dcc.govt.nz>, Dave Tombs <Dave.Tombs@dcc.govt.nz>, Simon Drew <Simon.Drew@dcc.govt.nz>, Tom Dyer <Tom.Dyer@dcc.govt.nz>, David Bainbridge <David.Bainbridge@dcc.govt.nz>, Clare Sullivan <clare.sullivan@dcc.govt.nz>, Robert West <Robert.West@dcc.govt.nz>
Subject: 102 Ways to Save Money in Local Government. attached

Dear Councillors,
During our Annual Plan deliberations it has been claimed that with rising costs we must always increase debt and/or rates to maintain current levels of service. Even if this were true, our increases so far above inflation are unjustifiable in my view. [e.g. staff costs up 7.4% last year on top of 8% the previous year]

The opportunities for reducing waste, better strategic contracting and getting better value for significant spending remain under-explored in my business-experienced view.
The TaxPayer’s Union 102 Ways to Save money in Local Government attached has 102 suggestions of which I believe the DCC have only actioned 2. [can you identify more than 2 actioned by the DCC?]

The other 100 ways of maintaining levels of service and saving money without raising debt and rates await serious consideration by Councillors and by staff.  [And there are many more DCC/CCO-specific opportunities to save money…]
Looking forward to comments,



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