My new Position

To honour all those Dunedin citizens who have given me almost twice the votes of any other Councillor, I resolve to bring them regular website updates on what I see really happening at the DCC without misrepresentation or suppression by the Otago Daily Times.

Councillor Positions.

Mayor Hawkins has faltered in his first decisions as Mayor, unable to drive the new Council in any other direction than that long set by Mayor Cull, with similar $14,000+ rewards for his like-minded chairs, and double-up deputy chairs to ensure that everyone got something except Cr. Vandervis.
Mayor Hawkins’ claim to be “excited about the diversity of skills and talent the election has delivered, and all Councillors will have important roles to play under his leadership” clearly is not true of Dunedin’s most popular and experienced Councillor.

Mayor Hawkins has lost the potential to finally have Infrastructure Services overseen by somebody with long Council experience, technical understanding and highly successful business history, which does not bode well for Dunedin’s future drainage, electrical, building and transport infrastructure – traffic flows, parking, and vehicle electrification.

Mayor Hawkins’ preaching diversity and inclusion, while practicing ‘similar values’ and exclusion, marks the continuation of the dysfunctional Council that has already delivered a near BILLION$ debt, and panoramic deferred maintenance.
I am looking forward to remaining engaged with Dunedin’s public, receiving and responding to comments on both this site and on Facebook.

Mayor-elect advises Councillor appointments – DCC

Dunedin (Friday, 18 October 2019) – Dunedin Mayor-elect Aaron Hawkins says he’s excited about the diversity of skills and talent the election has delivered, and all Councillors will have important roles to play under his leadership.

Mr Hawkins today advised his appointments for Deputy Mayor and Committee Chairs for the new triennium.

He has appointed Cr Christine Garey as Deputy Mayor, while Crs Marie Laufiso (Community and Culture), Chris Staynes (Economic Development), Mike Lord (Finance and CCOs), Jim O’Malley (Infrastructure Services), and David Benson-Pope (Planning and Environment) will be the Standing Committee Chairs. Cr Andrew Whiley will be Chair of the Bylaws Subcommittee, and Cr Garey will be Chair of the Grants Subcommittee.

Mr Hawkins says all councillors were offered positions, whether as Committee chairs or deputy chairs.

“I’ve met individually with the councillors this week to discuss their hopes and aspirations for this term. Wherever possible, my appointments reflect those discussions and recognise councillors’ areas of interest.

“The election has delivered a diverse range of talent and skills around the Council table and my expectation is that all councillors, regardless of their appointments, will have much to contribute over the next three years,” he says.

Mr Hawkins says his expectations around the workloads and responsibilities of all councillors have been reflected in recommended changes to elected members’ remuneration.

If recommended changes are approved, the Deputy Mayor’s remuneration would be set at $90,790, Committee Chairs* $85,786 each, and Councillors $71,488 each. Increases on previous elected members’ remuneration are required due to an increase in the total pool determined by the Remuneration Authority. The Authority requires that the pool is fully committed.

The councillor appointments will be noted, and councillor remuneration confirmed, at the inaugural Council meeting on Friday, 25 October.

Chairs and Deputy Chairs for Committees of Council

Committee Chair Deputy Chair
Finance and CCOs Cr Mike Lord Cr Doug Hall
Community and Culture Cr Marie Laufiso Cr Christine Garey Cr Carmen Houlahan
Infrastructure Services Cr Jim O’Malley Cr Jules Radich
Planning and Environment Cr David Benson-Pope Cr Sophie Barker Cr Steve Walker
Economic Development Cr Chris Staynes Cr Andrew Whiley Cr Rachel Elder
Bylaws Subcommittee Cr Andrew Whiley  
Grants Subcommittee Cr Christine Garey  

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3 Responses to My new Position

  1. Brendon Moss says:

    Just as I predicted. I focused on Hawkins early in the campaign and spoke to him on his Facebook page. He seemed lost for answers to my direct questions saying things like “it doesn’t pay to be an advocate for or against something”, instead of a simple, “I don’t know”. I knew from a few conversations that he was not going to be a suitable mayor. Unfortunately the people of Dunedin don’t do their homework or any sort of research before they vote, so they only have themselves to blame for another lame excuse for a mayor and council. Another 3 years of the same thing.

  2. Garry says:

    Looks like another 3 years of same old bullshit and nothing changing for the better ,shame we had a try but idiot’s didn’t vote for change.

    • To be fair Garry, not everybody is interested enough in Local Government to pay much attention, and they just get a feel for who they are comfortable with – a feel easily skewed by our monopoly media with consistent positive headlines for preferred candidates and personally negative headlines for others.
      Mayor Cull’s spite and enmity being repeatedly indulged by the ODT was also unhelpful, replacing any debate of real issues, like the near BILLION$ debt, daft Hospital site, and the proposed George st cycleway.
      I am deeply encouraged to have received so many first preference votes [almost enough!] from so many people who were able to see through the ODT sustained smear campaign.

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