Looking back at early emails sent regarding Unitary Council possibilities:

Imagine Unitary Dunedin [with apologies to John Lennon]

Imagine there’s one rates bill,
It’s easy if you try
One group of Councillors to vote for
And rates that aren’t so high
Imagine all Dunedin, building the same way

Imagine no duplication
It isn’t hard to do
One environmental set of guidelines
No fundamentalism too
Imagine all our citizens, with permits from one place

You may say we are dreamers
But we’re not the only ones
I hope some day you’ll vote Unitary
And then Dunedin can be as one

Imagine that there’s public transport
Roads and parking all run by the same
Bureaucracy with no division
Harbourside roads stores with the same aim
Imagine Port Otago, main port for the South

You may say we are dreamers
But we’re not the only ones
I hope some day you’ll vote Unitary
And then Dunedin will be as one


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Sandfly Bay

Sensational sun and sand dunes at Sandfly Bay today…

61937643_10214076873737605_4800074206131781632_o.jpg (1875×1388)

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Letters to the editor

From those who have read my supposedly vitriolic and “harassment, tantamount to abuse and bullying” emails, the first three public responses…

60042174_10213911513723708_2516600486107283456_o.jpg (993×1866)
Facebook responses

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Position on Rates

I have been asked why I have voted against this year’s DCC 5% rate increase on top of last year’s 7% increase. Some of the answers are in this video clip from the DCC Annual Plan meeting.

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Continuing and planned underspend on DCC drainage renewals

This is the graph I showed to Councillors at our last meeting and the facts it portrays came from DCC records.
I repeatedly asked CEO Bidrose to confirm the accuracy of the graph which she finally did confirm as “roughly right” on the 20th of February last year as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 20 February 2018 at 7:49 AM
To: Lee Vandervis <>
Cc: Sandy Graham <>, Tom Dyer <>, Dave Cull <>
Subject: RE: confirmation of accuracy of graphs attached

Hello Lee

With regards to the graphs – they are not information we hold, so requesting a response is not an LGOIMA requiring us to simply pull and provide documents (not that you made a LGOIMA request, just letting you know) but it required staff time to look at the graphs, work out what they meant, find the numbers and see if we could match.

The response from the water team is that the graphs look roughly right. However since XXXX did not include a label for the y axis of his graph it is difficult to know precisely.


At this same meeting I acknowledged that since then a $30 million new capital spend had been ‘brought forward’, but that to my knowledge the renewals budget remained woefully inadequate and far below the renewals signaled in the 2015 Long Term Plan. This has not been an appropriate response to the devastation of the 2015 Flood that caused much misery and near $175,000,000 of property damage.
Denials of continued underspending and planned future underspending on drainage renewals by CEO Bidrose and Mayor Cull look rather sick next to CEO Bidrose’s “Roughly right” as above.


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Mayoral Interview | TV Dunedin

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Mayoral Interview | Otago Daily Times Online

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