New Zealand context in the World

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  1. Brian says:

    Subject: I never cared, New Zealand, until now.

    Below is a short noteworthy commentary by an esteemed author ( not named )
    I believe more and more people are starting to feel this way.
    I never cared if you were ‘gay’ or whatever acronym you chose to call yourself, until you started shoving it down my throat.
    I never cared what colour you were, until you started blaming me for your problems and have taken over the media with your Public Interest Journalism Propaganda Fund.
    I never cared about your political affiliation, until you started to condemn me for mine.
    I never cared where you were from in this great country, until you began condemning people based on where they were born and the history that makes them who they are.
    I have never cared if you were well off or poor because I’ve been both, until you started calling me names for working hard and bettering myself.
    I’ve never cared if your beliefs are different than mine, until you said my beliefs are wrong.
    Now…I care. I’ve given all the tolerance I have to give.
    This is no longer my problem. It’s your problem.
    You can still fix it. It’s not too late. But it needs to be soon. I’m a very patient person. But I’m out of patience.
    There are literally thousands of people just like me that are sick of all your Aotearoa ethnic crap!!
    I’ve always cared about life, and all lives, but now you try to force the notion on me and my other fellow citizens & patriots that certain lives matter more than others.
    You protest and we pander to you as the spoiled brats that you have become.
    \We are done caring about your artificially created language and fabricated history of convenience.
    Your ethnic movement has become a radical, out-of-control bunch of thugs, criminals and anarchists who are destroying our country.
    You don’t have the right to enjoy New Zealand’s freedoms if you are trying to take that right away from other New Zealanders.
    We have had enough!
    So, remember New Zealanders….it is your vote that will count.
    What party or parties will have policy that will change the current division and separatism?

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