Mayor Radich Landslide

Mayor Radich’s Landslide is our best hope now for reversing some of the DCC damage done over the Hawkins/Benson-Pope years…/radich-announces-senior-council…

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2 Responses to Mayor Radich Landslide

  1. Reina says:

    That’s great… congratulations Lee to your position. Finally the finances are in the rightful hands, seems to me Radich has some good delegating skills.

  2. Pb says:

    Congratulations Lee, you deserve it. That debt graph is an inter-generational problem. Dig in. Cut the red tape. It’s choking everyone.

    There’s a sad phosphate orebody in Middlemarch that needs a nudge. Make them use rail.

    Kick start a new gold rush, by encouraging prospectors instead of calling them pariahs.

    Get the forges in South Dunedin roaring again. Fill the wharves with trade ships.

    Host an America’s cup in the bay.

    Reduce rubbish dump costs. This is a bad rort that effects anyone who goes to the tip.

    Set up another Marsden point refinery at Aramoana. Encourage oil exploration.

    There’s a lot of land about that developers sit on. Punish the hoarders pushing up prices (whom use cheap debt and monopoly) and give Kiwis (only) an option to build, free of punishing regulations and urbanite codes.

    Go for it.

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