ODT Reporter’s ‘personal assessment’ of elected representatives.

I am proud to have debated against so much wasteful debt-funded spending by the Hawkins’ Council, and against the erosion of Democracy with creeping co-governance, even if I was often the only one daring to vote against.

The ODT reporter’s ‘personal assessment’ as below did not surprise me given his coverage of DCC meetings.

Below is the DCC Group Debt graph that the ODT has refused to print.

“Lee Vandervis 5

A contrarian. Cr Vandervis is in his comfort zone when the council is headed for another 14-1 vote. Where other councillors tread warily, tiptoeing around such territory as scepticism of the merits of co-governance, Cr Vandervis jumps in. He often defends his corner pugnaciously, particularly if the interests of motorists are threatened. His effectiveness may have waned in a political environment where he looks at risk of becoming outmoded. If his opponent in a debate is Aaron Hawkins, Cr Vandervis can be beaten to the punch. He is also exposed if there is a councillor gang-up. Still, his presence or absence makes a significant difference to the atmosphere of a meeting. He can be relied upon to rail against Three Waters reform, debatable council spending and the council’s ballooning debt, as well as group debt, which includes debt of council-owned companies. Any mention of “Maori” by him sets much of the room on edge. He was at one stage trespassed from the council building after he resisted Covid-19 vaccine passes. A confrontation with the deputy mayor led to a censure for conduct deemed to be intimidating. He has continued this term to pursue vindication through the courts after a censure for his behaviour relating to an objection about parking meter signage. He has at least dabbled in the realm of conspiracy and some voters may judge he has been distracted.”

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