Are we really on Maori land drinking Maori water?

In yesterday’s public Council meeting, Cr. Laufiso [who has admitted being a Communist in previous meetings] claimed during item 15 Dunedin Housing Plan “This is Maori land”.

She went on say that we need to recognise 182 years of occupation of Maori land that needs to be addressed.

Today’s ODT reports Ngai Tahu’s “spirited defense” of co-governance on 3 Waters reforms falsely claiming that Councils will still own their 3 Waters infrastructure.

DCC legal advice has confirmed that if the 3 Waters takeover is completed it will only require a 50%+ Parliamentary majority to privatise Dunedin’s $3 BILLION asset built up over a 150 years.

Ownership is defined as ‘having control over an asset’.

The weasel words from Maori elites keep coming as below:

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