Car-cancelling madness

Not content with wasting $60 million turning George st/Exchange into a cycleway and wasting a further $53 million on ‘park-and-ride’, ‘way-finding’ and ‘traffic diversion’ projects to empty our city centre, our DCC Chair of Infrastructure now wants to throw a stadium-sized budget into a hole in the ground to further hide our cars from the ill-sited Hospital.

The Hawkins’ car-canceling Council majority is barking mad in my view.

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1 Response to Car-cancelling madness

  1. Dave says:

    Looks like Hawkins and co are trying to make it look like the DMZ between South and North Korea where the streets are empty, no cars he might be secretly planning a revamp of his village with council funds for when he returns in the near future, do these clowns think they are living in Dubai with a mega budget.

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