Mayoral Mandate?

Organised resistance to the forced takeover of Dunedin’s $2.5 BILLION water assets by a self-selected 50% Iwi elite is ‘futile’ according to our Mayor.

Not surprising when Mayor Hawkins unsuccessfully tried to get Council approval for his letter to MP Mahuta claiming ‘broad support’ for her takeover proposal, but when Councillor questions became too numerous and oppositional he abused his Mayoral role by pulling the Zoom Meeting plug before the meeting could even move from questions to debate or to a vote.

Sitting in my lazy-boy looking at my silenced speech notes in disbelief was just one reason I now refuse to be excluded from doing my Councillor job in person.

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1 Response to Mayoral Mandate?

  1. stoppernz says:

    Surely it’s illegal for the mayor to silence an elected member of the council? if not what’s stopping him silencing everyone and setting himself up as a little dictator , which effectively he has if he’s silenced you as you’re his only opposition? Democracy in this country seems to have vanished. And the media doesn’t do its job and ask tough questions of hawkins or Jacinda they instead enable them.

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