The Ardern government has deliberately politicised every aspect of our lives.

I do not know who Melissa O’Hagan is, but when she wrote this by God she got it right:

“It probably doesn’t matter what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern does from here on in. Her legacy, in many minds, is already in place. The division of a nation.

We are witnessing a disunion of our fellow citizens in a way we’ve never seen before, well in my lifetime anyway; It wasn’t so many years ago that although there might be disagreement on an issue, there was still a semblance of respect for each other’s views. That has well and truly gone out the window in Ardern’s New Zealand.

The venom, and – I’m just going to say it – hatred, on display is not only shocking, but extremely sad. It’s out of hand. We used to think in trying times New Zealanders would come together and forget minor irritations about left and right notions. But now, that concept is gone.

Most of you would have seen this division playing out somewhere in your life. Some of you will have experienced it personally. Perhaps within your own circle of friends, or disappointingly, your family.

You may think I’m talking about our current situation with lockdowns and vaccinations, and I am, but not only this. How about the smouldering disunity between Maori and so-called ‘non-Maori’; homeowners and renters; property owners and tenants; business owners and employees; beneficiaries and workers; firearm owners and police; farmers and environmentalists; progressives and conservatives? The vaccinated and the ‘non-vaccinated’

The list goes on.

Where does this division come from and why is it so strong right now, you may ask?

Because of one thing: politicisation.

The Ardern government has deliberately politicised every aspect of our lives. How we live, how we work, who is allowed an opinion, who isn’t, what you can and can’t do, when you can do it. Who pays, who benefits, who controls our water and land, and even who can have a say in our supposed democratic system.

The government has done nothing but stoke the flames of identity politics and New Zealand is like a bad crème brulee: all kinds of split!

By politicising every space New Zealanders occupy, the government ends up controlling that space. And that, my friends, is what it’s all about.

Division leads to control, and that is where we are at. A country where citizens are at each other’s throats. A terribly sad, and in my opinion possibly the worst, consequence of this increasingly authoritarian government which is hell-bent on destroying what most of us remember as a fair, friendly, and united country.

It’s hard to know if we can return to that state of fairness and unity, it seems like an unattainable goal right now. But it is my wish that we do, and I am certain many good people of this beautiful country wish for that too.”

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2 Responses to The Ardern government has deliberately politicised every aspect of our lives.

  1. Reina says:

    Hit the nail on the head there.

    I figured that the Ardern wasn’t going to budge from her stance, I had sent off 3 contracts 30 days apart near September 2020 that were sign posted and received, putting the responsibility fully into Jacinda Ardern’s and a number of leading Labour members hands detailing anything with the vaccine that could and can go wrong, the problems with the jab and if she does not sign she consents that I have no obligation to take it. I was directed and found these ready made contracts that are legally bound and saw a number of people doing this.

    Ardern and the rest of her Labour leading members did not sign it just as I thought they would not, although it was received, she received many of these contracts from other people to which the same happened to them with no reply and still went through with her coercion, mandates and bribes. No reply or signage meant she and her members of parliament consent to no obligation to taking the jab whatsoever.

    There is absolutely no Vaccine Corp or Dr accountability, you automatically waiver that right as soon as you get the jab if and when someone is harmed due to taking the jab.

    Writing in to her office and informing her of our objections and her obligations to the people has little to no effect, other than her angle to manage us, she has a plan and she is sticking to it, which is the same as in Australia.

    We need as many onboard backing the freedom to make the choice whether they have had the jab or not… those that have had the jab need to know their line in the sand, how many booster shots are they willing to take to keep their ‘pass’ and the so called professionals telling them they are still not protected when natural herd immunity is actually a real thing (how we have managed to came this far before vaccines ever existed) and existed long before the ‘vaccinated herd immunity’ came into existence’, meaning it was artificially put there in our minds.

    The people of Australia who are segregated from society now (so so many more that is depicted by msm) and shunned are now creating a societal sector of their own for their own betterment and joining hands with those that decided to get the jab, who understand it’s a matter of choice and how the govt are overreaching and controlling matters and people’s livelihoods to which they have no rights to do, it’s sunk in for them that the govt has absolutely no interest in correcting their act and on the full march to make matters worse.

  2. Alan yates says:

    She who shall be obeyed time we voted for the right people but where are they greed and power is the norm she had a good mentor who taught her badly nz was the quarter acre paradise taken just 50 yrs to stuff it up

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