Economy versus Covid deaths.

It is not a simple choice, as Economic collapse means extra deaths as well from many causes, and we haven’t seen the increase in suicides info yet…from today’s Economist magazine.
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 7.18.02 PM
Does crashing the Economy really save lives? Future historians will have a lot of data to research for decades to come…

FaceBook comment from:

Angela Dwyer And hospitals in New York are having to turn away patients with other conditions, because they have too many Covid-19. They only test and/or confirm those who die in hospital as Covid-19 deaths. “In New York City, the leader of the City Council’s health committee, Mark Levine, wrote on Twitter that people were dying at home at about 10 times the normal rate, presumably in large part because of the virus, but that many deaths were not being counted as virus deaths.”…/coronavirus-new-york-update.html
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