DCC request for remote meetings a week ago…

From: Lee Vandervis <lee@vandervision.co.nz>
Date: Monday, 16 March 2020 at 8:53 AM
To: Sue Bidrose <Sue.Bidrose@dcc.govt.nz>, Sandy Graham <Sandy.Graham@dcc.govt.nz>, “Council 2019-2022 (Elected Members)” <council.2019-2022@dcc.govt.nz>
Cc: Karilyn Canton <Karilyn.Canton@dcc.govt.nz>
Subject: Remote meetings

Hi Sue and Sandy,

Further to my wife having to organise contingencies for Coved 19 at Otago University [she is Head of Program for Cultures and Languages] I wish to suggest that we change our Standing Orders to allow Council meetings to legally conducted remotely, so that the decision-making functions of our Local Government can continue in the event of panoramic public meeting cancellation.
My experience of being able to engage in Council meetings while overseas with a simple audio link, suggests that we might be able to tweak standing orders for Emergency Meeting Purposes only so that voting may become legal remotely.
I am suggesting basic audio links only because the better video links would involve more people,  more bandwidth and more complexity, and in tough times the KISS principle has proven to be best.

Similarly, a redeployment plan for many Council staff who have the potential to work from home should be immediately drawn up in my view.

Looking forward to some rapid responses and further suggestions that our evolving technology may permit to keep DCC functional in a self-isolation scenario.



Response a week later…

From: Aaron Hawkins <Aaron.Hawkins@dcc.govt.nz>
Subject: Council Meetings
Date: 23 March 2020 at 4:20:21 PM NZDT
To: “Council 2019-2022 (Elected Members)” <council.2019-2022@dcc.govt.nz>
Cc: Sue Bidrose <Sue.Bidrose@dcc.govt.nz>, Sandy Graham <Sandy.Graham@dcc.govt.nz>
Kia ora koutou
Under the new regime, we all live in self isolation for the next four weeks at least.
In light of this, and given that we don’t have the capacity to hold meetings remotely, tomorrow we will formally cancel our meeting for March 31st.
Our ongoing governance arrangements will covered off in the coming days.
Stay safe (and now, dry).
Ka mihi
Aaron Hawkins
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